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Our Story

Welcome to One Source

The name One Source began more as a goal than a reality. We had a vision for what it could become, and we started out to make that happen.

Our idea was to create a foodservice equipment manufacturer’s representative group that foodservice dealers, designers, consultants, and end-users could go to for help solving their unique challenges. Today, we represent the finest equipment and furniture in the foodservice industry for both front-of-house and back-of-house needs.

But it doesn’t end there.

Having the best brands is only part of the story. People buy from people who make buying easy, and our internal staff works hard every single day to bring value to our clients and manufacturers, using the latest software and technology so we are always there with the answers when you have the questions.

So welcome to One Source. Let us help make your foodservice goal a reality.

What We Do

Matching Equipment Solutions with Your Unique Foodservice Challenges

We’re in the foodservice equipment and furnishings business because we understand the challenges our customers face, because we have solutions to meet those challenges, and because we’re good at educating our customers about those solutions.

Down Equipment Got You Down?

Our Service Request page is designed to streamline the service process. That means a faster response, and less downtime.

School Nutrition

Helping K-12 operators meet day-to-day challenges

Shrinking budgets, decreased student participation, nutrition regulations, and a labor issues are all challenges we can help our school nutrition directors solve.

Turning healthcare foodservice programs into positive reviews

Beyond nutrition and wellness, thinking of foodservice in new ways can translate to positive reviews and profit centers for today’s hospitals and healthcare facilities.
Independent Restaurants

Delivering solutions to help restaurateurs support the trends

It’s never been a more exciting time in the food and beverage industry. Menus and trends are changing as fast as the foodservice equipment that supports them will allow.
Who We Represent



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Don’t Miss

Upcoming Culinary Events & Demonstrations

Attend a foodservice demo, meet with us at an industry event, or browse our equipment in the new One Source Test Kitchen.

Live and On-Demand Videos from One Source Reps

One Source Live gives you the ability to check out our test kitchen, without actually having to set foot in our building. Tune in virtually to watch us demo kitchen equipment, learn some training tips, and much more!

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Bays 201 & 202
Sharon Hill, PA 19079
p: 610-565-5200
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